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Times Of India

"A must watch slow burn- About losing love and finding oneself”

"Do not expect a raw edgy stuff like Dev D, LSD - it’s a more delicately made aesthetic fare”

"The charm of the movie lies in its subtlety”

"In the day of edgy and salacious fares, this mature saga makes for a soothing watch when you want things to slow down a bit”


"There is a Chitrakut in your subconscious and you should keep revisiting it”

"Chitrakut is definitely a director’s film, and he has managed to convey his idea of comforting companionship successfully”

"It wants to take you into an inward journey”

"It’s really a simple story, which may disappoint the ones looking for turns and twists in usual Bollywood style, this is also the strength of Chitrakut”

Knock Sense

“Chitrakut is used as a metaphor for the period of brief idyllic love,and this explanation bookends the film.”

“an astutely mounted tale of romance and relationships”

“The plot moving on a slow, steady, and even keel- unravels smoothly in a fascinating manner, and the visuals mesmerise you,especially in the last act”

Urban Asian

"Humans are creatures who constantly thrive for love. And the film delivers the message in an intense artistic way." 

"There is a deep meaning in the film that is delivered perfectly for those who would understand.”

Muck Rack

“Cinematographer Hardeep Sachdev’s wide lens artistically captures locations with sweeping views of the landscape and, at the same time, painstakingly captures the emotions of the characters with aplomb”

“All five protagonists are all-natural and do a great job playing their characters effectively”

Majid Majidi

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